ASO Complimentary Ticket Request Form

Staff members get 2 complimentary tickets for their personal use to concerts.
(If you need to fulfill Artist or Development comps for these, you can do so below.)

    • The Planets 3/3/23 & 3/4/23
    • Fire & Rain 3/25/23
    • All concerts at the Avon Theater: 12/1/22, 3/9/23, 5/18/23
For the concerts listed above, we will make a decision on offering comps THE WEEK OF THE CONCERT, and will decide based on inventory:

Fill out my online form.

In delivery options, if you choose Return to “Requested By,” you will personally need to go pick up the tickets from the box office when they’re ready.

If it’s within 3 hours of a concert start time, phone and email are not reliable methods of contacting the box office. Please make your request at the box office in person.

If you need to follow up about your tickets, please contact the box office directly. The staff here in the ASO office is unable to confirm any ticket orders. Call 205.975.2787