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When Instruments Roamed the Earth!®

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In pre-historic times, strange creatures walked the planet. These were the ancient ancestors of musical instruments that inspired melodious makers in brass and wood to create the instruments we see in the orchestra today.

Join us on a journey into the times When Instruments Roamed the Earth!® by composer Bob Singleton.

Filled with laughs, surprises, multi-media projection, and on-stage action, the symphony will present the perfect all-ages introduction to the exciting sounds, people, and experience of a symphony orchestra concert.

Hear the hilarious “research” of paleo-musicologist, Sir Humphrey Treble-Clef, who believes that our modern instruments are actually the descendants of giant, dinosaur-like creatures like you’ve never seen before. These are strange creatures that exist in the hot, mysterious, swampy jungles of Sir Humphrey’s unusual imagination.

Most will not believe a man who tried to prove that ancient humans made music by hitting themselves on the head with rocks; but everyone will smile, laugh, and be in awe of the symphonic interpretations of Sir Humphrey’s wild theories, featuring all the instruments of the orchestra. 

This 40 minute long presentation is perfect for kindergarten through fourth grade audiences, and is completely FREE thanks to support from the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts. Register below, and you will receive a link in January which will give you an opportunity to view the film for 30 days.