Young People’s Concert: Celebrate Alabama

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Alabama dares to sing in this musical celebration of our State’s history. Sing a long as we explore the rich diversity of Alabama’s historic and musical tradition. This program features our story and our orchestra!

At the concert your students will: 

  • Hear the instruments that make up the orchestra
  • Learn how composers express ideas in music
  • Be introduced to traditional Alabama music in addition to the music of iconic symphonic composers!
  • Sing-a-long with the Orchestra! 

Complimentary teacher resource guide will provide activities that:

  • Meet State and National Music and cross curricular connections
  • Explore how composers express ideas in music and Alabama's musical tradition
  • Introduce students to the instruments of the orchestra
  • Prepare students to sing along at the concert
  • Reflect on what it means to be from Alabama
  • Provide program and composer information

Click here for the teacher resource guide.

Questions? Contact Deanna Sirkot, Director of Education, at 205.314.6936 or via email.