2020 Maestro's Ball

There's still time to enjoy our Virtual Gala!

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  • The presentation is approximately 60 minutes in length.

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Information about the program

The power of music has a way of bringing all of us together, whether that’s in the concert hall, through headphones, or on a computer screen. This year the Alabama Symphony Orchestra is inviting you to ring in the new year virtually at the 2020 Maestro’s Ball! 

In the spirit of coming together, for the first time ever, all four members of the ASO’s conducting staff will be taking part in this year’s festivities, including a special duo performance with Music Director Laureate Justin Brown and Music Director Carlos Izcaray. “The ASO is a family which I am proud to belong to, and its musicians and wide support network are very important to me,” said Justin Brown. "I am absolutely delighted to be able to celebrate the New Year together at this year's Maestro's Ball!”

The Maestro’s Ball is the Orchestra’s largest annual fundraiser that provides critical support for the Orchestra’s many artistic performances, its arts education initiatives, and outreach programs throughout the year to patrons, students, and families across the state. On average ASO educational programs serve over 15,000 students, and 250 Alabama Schools each year. 

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This concert is free and open to the public! If you would like to take part in helping the #ASOPlayOn, you may make a donation below. Gifts of any amount are appreciated, and allow the Orchestra to continue its many education initiatives, performances, and more.


F. Dixon Brooke Jr.

Maestro's Ball Corporate Committee

Dell Brooke

F. Dixon Brooke, Jr.

William W. Brooke

John F. Carter

Peter Curtin

Kelley Fitzpatrick

C.T. Fitzpatrick

Melanie Grinney

Chris Harmon

G. Adam McClain

Danny McKinney

Emmett E. McLean

Maggie O’Connor

Tyler O’Connor

Charlie Perry

Lee Thuston

Nick Willis

Tim Vines

Jesse Vogtle