Marga Mitchell


Born in Caracas, Venezuela tango singer and actress.

She takes singing and acting classes in Italy and star to work hand in hand with Maestro Raul Jaurena in the world of tango for 35 years.

Invited to sing the National Anthem at the Shea Stadium (Mets).

She has participated in the tango productions of the Thalia Spanish Theater of New York in the last 25 years. She performed in “Ma. De Buenos Aires “with the Panamerican Symphonic Orchestra in Washington DC. She was invited to the White House by the President Clinton to make a Tango Night in honor to the Argentinian President. She received two times the ACE award of the chroniclers of New York.

New York, Canada, Europe (Germany, Spain, Swiss, Holand, Israel, Giorgia Billisi, Turkey , Finland, Hawaii, Moscú,) Japan, Osaca, Singapur , these are some of the stages that she shared with the best Conductors and the most renowned Orchestras in the world.

She has recorded five Tango cd’s with Maestro Jaurena, Tango Five, Stuttgart Philharmonic, and shared a Latin Grammy “TE AMO TANGO” in 2007 in New York. Marga pays tribute to the Master by creating the RAUL JAURENA FOUNDATION to leave his legacy to the new generations.