Streaming Video Tips

Welcome to our streaming help page! We’ve compiled a list of resources here to help you view our digital content on your TV.

For the best quality when viewing on your TV, we recommend connecting your device via an HDMI cable. If that isn’t an option for you, read on to find out more about various wireless ways to cast the video to your TV.

If you’ve never connected your TV to your laptop before, click here for an overview on how to get started.

Use this wonderful #TunefulTuesday performance to test your TV’s connection.

To learn more about how to stream ASO videos to your TV, browse the links below.

Operating System

Click on your operating system for more information.

Most Common TV Brands

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If you don’t see your TV brand listed, we recommend searching for the user manual on the manufacturer’s website. There you will find the most up-to-date information.

Streaming Devices & Cables

Click on your device/connection method for more detailed information.

Low Streaming Quality

Many different factors can affect the quality of the video you’re streaming to your device or TV. While are unfortunately unable to troubleshoot individual situations, we can offer a few recommendations.

Check for other devices using the internet. Is someone else on your network streaming a movie or on a video call? Wait until they are done and try again. Every device on your network uses part of your available internet, possibly decreasing the quality of your ASO video.

Restart your computer. We know this is a common tip, but it really can help to free up space and allow your computer to run faster.

Restart your modem and wireless router. Your router works like a mini-computer and restarting it helps end anything running that might cause your internet to slow. 

Ask for help! Is there a tech-savvy person in your family who could possibly help you?

Still Having Problems?

Try clearing your browser cache. Click here for a guide on how to clear the cache for all major browsers.

Make sure your browser is up-to-date.

Sometimes plugins or add-ons can cause conflicts. Try disabling them and refreshing the page.

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