Sound Investment

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Sound Investment is a unique opportunity to commission a new piece of music and see how new compositions come together. Members enjoy a front-row seat into the creative process that leads to new music, from the inspiration to the final product.

Announcing the 2017-2018 Sound Investment Composer...

The ASO is thrilled to announce our very own Maestro Carlos Izcaray as the Sound Investment composer this year. He is excited to share a piece inspired by the love and support he received during his battle with serious illness. 

“On a personal note, many of you may have noticed my occasional absence last season. Facing a serious illness was definitely difficult for me and my family, but I’m now pleased to announce that with the support of my incredible doctors and friends, I am ready to begin this season with a renewed health, vigor, and passion. I am thrilled to share a new piece that I have composed for a new chapter in life.”

Sound Investment Membership

Sound investment members enjoy these unique perks:

  • Co-commission new work, which will premiere at the ASO Masterworks concert.
  • Intimately get to know the Sound Investment composer at three exclusive events.
  • Go "behind-the-scenes" to learn the creative process.
  • Receive two Masterworks concert tickets to the world premiere.
  • Receive a copy of the score, signed by the composer, with your name listed as a commissioner.

Membership is $500 per person, or $1,000 per couple.

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