Symphony Volunteer Council

The Symphony Volunteer Council is the largest volunteer organization supporting the ASO, with 300+ members. The council’s mission is to “promote the ASO through fundraising and support.” The SVC offers a variety of volunteer opportunities and events to support the ASO, including their annual Decorator’s Show House.

What does the SVC do?

Host the Lois Pickard Music Scholarship Competition

Since 1998, the SVC has sponsored an annual music competition for talented students from age 12 through high school senior. Named in honor of the founding member of the volunteer organization for the ASO, the Lois Pickard Music Scholarship has awarded over $161,530 to winners in three competition categories.

Organize the Decorators' ShowHouse

Each year, the SVC sponsors the Decorators' ShowHouse, one of the largest fundraising projects for the ASO. During the past 42 years, the Council has donated more than $5 million from this massive volunteer effort. 

Sponsor Endowed Chairs

The ASO would not enjoy its current or future success without the hundreds of volunteers who tirelessly give their talents and resources. During the rebirth of the ASO in 1995, the SVC committed to raise $2 million for the ASO's endowment fund. In recognition of achieving the first $1 million, the Principal Clarinet Chair was endowed by the Council. After a very successful 2010 Decorator's ShowHouse, the Council completed the second $1 million of its pledge and endowed the Principal Horn Chair. 

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