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Symphony For Beginners

If you’re new to classical music, or if a symphony performance seems daunting, go ahead and put your mind at ease. The most important aspect of attending any symphony performance is to relax and enjoy yourself. Simply listen and watch as extraordinarily talented ASO musicians play live music in unison. And soon, you’ll find yourself enjoying their presence as much as they enjoy yours. From classic to contemporary symphonies, every one of them tells a story. As an audience member, you’re a part of that story. Because without you, there'd be no music.

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Our mission is to change lives through music. We aim to make symphonic music accessible to every resident of Alabama and beyond.

ASO History

ASO Staff

Board of Directors

  • Elton B. Stephens

    Chairman in Memoriam Aeternam

  • Mr. Danny McKinney


  • Mr. F. Dixon Brooke Jr.

    Vice Chairman

  • Mr. Allen Dunn


  • Mrs. Karen Piassick


  • Mrs. Peggy Balliet

  • Mrs. Emily G. Branum

  • Mrs. Dell S. Brooke

  • Mr. William W. Brooke

  • Mr. Nicholas Ciulla

  • Ms. Abigail Corcoran

  • Mr. Douglas M. Croker

  • Ms. Kathleen Costello

  • Mr. Victor Darley-Usmar, MD

  • Ms. Lori Dixon

  • Ms. Rachel Flint

  • Mr. M. Miller Gorrie

  • Mrs. Melanie P. Grinney

  • Dr. James M. Hardin

  • Mr. Jonathan P. Hoffmann

  • Dr. Rupa K. Kitchens

  • Mr. Kevin Kozak

  • Mrs. Rosemarie Kramer

  • Mr. Robert E. Kristofco

  • Mrs. Lynn F. LaRussa

  • Ms. Nancy Lewis

  • Mr. Colin H. Luke

  • Ms. Virginia Markstein

  • Ms. Mayumi Masri

  • Ms. Jennifer R. McCain

  • Mr. G. Adam McClain

  • Mr. John McElroy

  • Mr. Taylor McElroy

  • Mr. Michael Meeks

  • Mr. G. Ruffner Page, Jr.

  • Ms. Gloria N. Moody

    In Memoriam

  • Mr. G. Ruffner Page, Jr.

  • Mrs. Carol Phillips

  • Mr. Zac Riddle

  • Dr. William Rushton IV

  • Mrs. Amy Shirey

  • Dr. Sanjay K. Singh

  • Dr. Chandler H. Smith

  • Mr. Anthony A. Smoke

  • Mr. James S. Snow

  • Mr. Nicholas Willis

Ex-Officio Board Members

  • Rosemarie Kramer

    President, Symphony Volunteer Council

  • Ms. Abigail Corcoran

    President, Symphony 30

  • Nancy Lewis

    ASO Chorus Representative

Endowment Board

  • Mr. Taylor McElroy


  • Mr. F. Dixon Brooke Jr.

    Vice Chairman

  • Mrs. Dell S. Brooke


  • Mr. Phil Carroll

  • Mr. Samuel P. Johnson

  • Mr. Danny McKinney

  • Mr. Michael W. Meeks

  • Mrs. Carol Phillips

  • Mr. Michael Stone

  • Mr. Pedro Verdu