The Alabama Symphony Youth Orchestra


The official youth orchestra of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra is an ensemble dedicated to nurturing talent, building community, and empowering young lives in the state of Alabama. The group consists of 68 of the brightest young musicians from throughout the state of Alabama.

The Alabama Symphony Youth Orchestra


Daniel Cho, Youth Orchestra Music Director and ASO Assistant Conductor

The ASYO is an ensemble committed to performing music at the highest level. It consists of the very best young musicians from around the state of Alabama who come together each Sunday to share their talents, aspirations, and successes. In order to achieve our level of performance, each member commits to always bringing their best to rehearsals and performances, and we believe that each one of our members is capable of meeting these high expectations.

ASYO Auditions

The ASYO is always looking for talented young musicians. Auditions happen in the summer and fall, with occasional rolling auditions during the season.

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ASYO Member Info

ASYO rehearsals are held at Thompson High School, 1921 Warrior Parkway, Alabaster, AL 35007

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Director of Education:

Maria Wilson

205.314.6936 or

Violin I

  • Timothy Li


  • Linh Nguyen

  • Sydney Schneider

  • Mina Hu

  • Cynthia Li

  • Erin Wass

  • Albert Chen

  • Dominic Lang

  • Tina Gao

  • Carol Li

  • Meg Sargent

Violin II

  • Claire Belcher

  • Leilah Kooshiar

  • Nathaniel Handler

  • Eunsong Lee

  • Catherine Hinson

  • Seoyoung Lim

  • Jaylon Sanders

  • Aaric Ronalds

  • Myla Enclarde

  • Luca Zellner

  • Jordan Posada

  • Kaylee Zhao


  • Diana Nazarenko

  • Cuewon Kim

  • Anna-Eve Espinosa-Byrd

  • Christy Reed

  • Anna Katherine Spangler

  • Benedict Lang


  • Igrainne Hill

  • Esther Frees

  • Aiden Barry

  • Sage Sovic

  • Quinlan Scalfano

  • Everett Sanders

  • Shahin Kooshiar

  • Kate Deason

  • Sienna Zellner

  • Nadia Fokkens


  • Levi Johnson

  • Alexander Grill

  • Abram Griffith

  • Mason Coleman


  • Tracy Li

  • Nicholas Godwin

  • A.T. Moak

  • Anli Chen

  • Lilia Sokol

  • Bethany Yin


  • Alyson Goodwin

  • Eli Sivel

  • Amber Ford

  • Daniel Phillips

  • Sofia Cagle


  • Jones Preg

  • Kathryn Baker

  • Daniel Yuan

  • Jasmine Young

  • Daniel Murong


  • Daniel Gibson


  • Sophie Sikorski

  • Michael Allen

  • Natalie Lantz

  • Lydia Loglisci

  • Madeline Cagle

  • William Hertz

  • William Edberg


  • Nathan Garrett

  • Tyler King

  • Jordan Wright

  • Cole Pearson


  • Connor Lovette

  • Ephraim Nunnally

  • Anthony Hathcock


  • Drake Miller

  • Ethan Daniel


  • Luke Ryan

  • Ian Rozell